Much of my work is done on commission from my original designs. Each piece, whether for the wall, the garden or destined to become part of the fabric of your home, is unique. However, if you are inspired by something you see on this site, I am happy to use that as a starting point to arrive at your individual piece.

The commission process involves working closely with clients. The process starts, where practicable, with a site visit to see how the piece will fit with your home. If this is not possible, I am happy to work with photographs and descriptions. Some people like to have a lot of input, others are happy for me to produce a design brief and go from there. The starting point can be almost anything; from an original drawing or photograph to an idea inspired by landscape, a person or a special occasion.

Mosaic materials may include marble, vitreous glass, unglazed ceramics and other materials. I cut everything by hand and assemble them in my workshop, ready for installation. Hanging wall pieces come ready to hang and are mounted on lightweight board. People often think that having a permanent mosaic such as a backsplash or shower wall means the mosaicist taking up residence in their home for weeks on end. Don’t worry! Mosaics are supplied ready to install, or, in the case of art pieces, ready to hang. The mosaic method and materials used will vary as appropriate for the materials used and the eventual location of the piece.

Commissions have included; art pieces, furniture, garden pieces and architectural installations such as splashbacks, mosaic "rugs" and shower walls. The price depends on the size and complexity of a piece and the materials chosen. This web site gives you samples of my work in the gallery section, so please feel free to browse. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I have a standard document that I send out to clients enquiring about a commission.  You can download it HERE


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